How To Get Fit With Your Dog

How To Get Fit With Your Dog

If you’re on a mission to lead a healthier lifestyle, sculpt a fitter body, lose weight, or even gain optimum wellness for yourself, your dog can be your trusty companion in reaching these goals. Your pet pooch is actually your best friend who’s never going to complain that it’s already tired or that it’s still too early to be jogging or already too late in the night for a walk. Your pet is simply your best companion for such a purpose. Here’s how to get fit with your dog.

  • Run or jog 

Canids are built to run. In the wild, they can cover great distances for several hours non-stop, only occasionally resting to release the heat building up from their bodies. You can exploit this natural instinct of pooches by running, too. Depending on your speed, you can easily burn up to 700 calories every 30 minutes or possibly even more. However, you’d have to make sure that you and your pet stays hydrated during the run. This is especially true for your canine friend as it doesn’t have a way to efficiently release the heat off of its body.

  • Go biking 

If you don’t like running as the impact on your feet and legs can produce an almost-stinging sensation all the way up to your spine, riding a bike is a great alternative. You will still be playing to the innate nature of canines to run. However, since you will be pedaling, you will not put too much pressure or strain on your feet. You’ll be developing instead your calf muscles and hamstring as well as other muscles of the legs and thighs. Again, make sure to plan your biking route and identify specific stopover points for you and your pooch to rest. At the same time, take this opportunity to give your mutt water to drink. For dogs, My Pet Needs That provide a great range of accessories and equipment to help you getarted.

  • Go kayaking 

Kayaking builds the muscles in your arms and forearms while also strengthening and stabilizing your core muscles. Now add your pooch on the deck of the kayak and you’ll be given something to balance. It is not easy to balance oneself sitting in a kayak. Your core muscles have to be tensed all the time to establish and maintain stability and prevent the kayak from flipping. Adding your pooch can increase the instability, making your muscles work even more.

  • Try standup paddleboarding 

If you love skateboarding, you will also love paddleboarding. It is like surfing but you will not be making hang tens or tricks. Instead, you will be paddling your way across the water’s surface, carefully balancing yourself so that the paddleboard will not flip. But, if you stand up while paddling, your center of gravity essentially rises making you more unstable. Your muscles will have to work double time to maintain balance. Add your dog at the end of the paddleboard and you’ve got a really challenging physical activity to help you get fit.

  • Squats with your dog

A creative way to exercise is to try and use your dog as a weight when lifting. We do not recommend this all the time and should be only done on the odd occasion. Check out this funny youtube video of people squatting with their dogs:

Whether or not your pets actively participate in your fitness activities, their mere presence should be more than enough motivation for you to pursue your fitness goals.

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