How To Avoid Overtraining In The Gym

How To Avoid Overtraining In The Gym

Have you ever worked out for days at a time for hours each time without thinking it was going to hurt you? Sure, most everyone who participates in a bodybuilding workout each week has done this at least once or twice. The more you workout, the more muscle you’re gonna build, right? Not necessarily.

Overtraining is a lot more common than you may believe. Not everyone overtrains, but most people have at one time or another-even if it was just for one workout. In any event, overtraining is never good or acceptable, especially if you are trying to build muscle. How can you know if you are overtraining? Some of the common symptoms are nausea, dizziness, frequent mood changes, loss of appetite, sickness, runny nose, depression, lack of energy, lack of desire to train, sudden loss of strength, and unexplained shakiness. If any of these things have ever occurred while doing a bodybuilding workout, or possibly even directly after, then there is a good chance you overtrained.

Your body will always let you know if you have overtrained. When you feel too tired to carry on or experience a sudden loss in strength, your body is trying to tell you something. People who are attempting to build muscle should pay special attention to the time they spend in the gym. Not only that, they should also pay special attention to the amount of intensity they are using when working out. An intense workout is always a plus, but when it is a little bit too much, you’ll know.

Have you ever seen those people who come into the gym and seem to stay for at least two hours? They arrive and perform their bodybuilding workout, but yet, never seem to progress. Sure, consistency is a good thing, but there is a certain level that is safe and a certain level that is considered dangerous. The automatic state of mind for the natural overtrainer is to push harder. They read all the fitness magazines, but yet want to add something more just to make sure they gain the muscle they are working so hard to achieve. Sadly, nothing will ever work for the overtrainer.

How To Avoid Overtraining In The Gym

In order to avoid overtraining, your bodybuilding workout should never exceed 30 to 45 minutes in length. The reason why is because after a certain time frame, your body is depleted of all it’s necessary sources of energy, resulting in the body using muscle for energy. Instead of gaining muscle, you are losing muscle and getting smaller. There is no amount of food you can eat or diet pill you can take to give you the energy you need to get through a 2 to 3 hour workout. The fact is that the human body was just not made to build muscle when it has become depleted. Muscles only grow when they are resting. You should always wait at least 48 hours before working your muscles again. You should also always be sure to eat a pre-workout and a post-workout meal before and after each one of your bodybuilding workout sessions. Try taking legal steroids prior to a workout to boost energy levels and increase intensity.

Avoiding overtraining will not be difficult at all once you understand the basics of muscle building. Just remember to always listen to your body above all else, know the symptoms of overtraining, get plenty of rest in between workouts, and you will be sure to come out on top of your game every time.

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