Best Pro Scooters Recommended By Plan

Best Pro Scooters Recommended By Plan

It can be tough finding the best Stunt scooter for your teenager or for yourself, but here at PLAN, we are trying to make that process as easy as possible.

Most stunt scooters have all the same things in common. They consist of a set of handle bars, a deck (usually aluminium or chromoly steel), grips, wheels (available in 110mm or 125mm based upon rider preference), bearings (usually ABEC-7 or ABEC-9), clamp, compression system (SCS, HIC or ICS), headset, griptape and sometimes pegs on the axels for grinding on.

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Scooters are becoming evermore popular as the sport expands in size. Popular freestyle scooter competitions such as the ISA (International Scooter Association) are gaining more and more traction worldwide as the sport of scootering continues to explode into a full blown extreme sport.

PLAN recommends looking at RILLA Stunt Scooters for all your stunt scooters needs as they are well known for designing and creating some of the best complete scooters and parts available on the market to date. With their amazing designs and attention to detail, they are the sole choice for any rider in todays ever growing stunt scooter hunt.

For more information about Stunt Scooters, be sure to check out RILLA’s website today.

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