Benefits Of Sports Equipment And Toys For Kids

Benefits Of Sports Equipment And Toys For Kids

Sports toys for kids play a very crucial role in the continuing development of a kid’s physical and motor skills. It can also help facilitate the enhancement of children’s cognitive, psychosocial, and emotional skills. That is why sports toys are one of the most common toys given to kids as birthday gifts or even holiday presents.

If you are wondering what the major benefits of sports toys are for kids, then read on.

Helps Address the Issue of Obesity in Kids

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nine out of 50 children between the ages of 6 and 11 are obese further saying that one of 3 children and teenagers are either obese or overweight. This was a dramatic increase from the 7 percent rate 3 decades ago. One of the major culprits being considered by child care experts in this growing trend among the young is the lack of physical activity. Because many of the playtime activities of most kids today are centered on computer games or home based toys, they no longer get the opportunity to exercise, strengthen their muscles, and boost their calorie expenditure. The result is a dramatic increase in the incidence of childhood obesity.

Sports toys can encourage children to become more physically active in their play. Playing baseball, soccer, or basketball or even jumping on a trampoline can increase their metabolic rates which can help speed up their energy consumption. This can help in the management of the caloric imbalance seen in a great number of kids today.

sports equipment and toys for kids

Strengthens and Tones Muscles for Optimum Motor Skills Enhancement

Taking a swing at the baseball or even pedaling the bicycle on an incline can help tone and strengthen the muscles. This can then help with the enhancement of children’s gross motor skills. And because the development of a child’s fine motor skills is inherently connected with the development of the larger groups of muscles, strengthening the muscles can then help enhance the fine motor skills of children. They can then use this to perform a lot of their other developmental tasks like writing, self-help skills, creating, and building. Sports toys are also important in developing and enhancing kids’ muscle coordination and balance.

Enhances Cognitive Functioning

While sports toys may not necessarily be able to enhance or strengthen a kid’s divergent problem-solving skills, these are nonetheless important in stimulating children’s imagination through make-believe play. Shooting a basketball, for example, will require the brain to process the angle of the shot including the amount of force needed to apply to shoot the ball through the air and into the hoop. Archery will also require the brain to process wind direction and speed of the arrow to make a very accurate shot placement. All of these rely on complex cognitive processes. It is similar to problem-solving but in a very speedy fashion.

Helps Foster Social Interaction, Cooperation, and Teamwork

While there are individual sports, there are also group sports activities. When sports toys like basketball, baseball, tennis, and soccer, just to name a few, are played with other kids, they eventually learn how to establish relationships. Kids learn to play as a team and how each kid’s role is important in winning a particular game. They also learn to cooperate with one another as sports is all about cooperation.

Boosts Emotional Development

Playing with friends can help kids feel good about themselves, especially if they win a particular game. More importantly, however, is their ability to accept a loss in a more gracious manner. It may not be easy at first but this is where Mom and Dad comes in. Sports toys are mere instruments. You have to teach kids the value of accepting defeat as part of good sportsmanship.

Whether it is a play basketball or baseball set or even a soccer set or any other sports toy, you can be sure your kid will grow and develop a lot better. Just think of it this way – you do believe that exercise is important for health, right? If you need exercise, then your kid needs it, too.

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